Covid-19 Notice

COVID-19 Notice

When visiting us in branch:

  • You will find a “do not cross line” at the front of the office from which you will still be able to communicate with staff, however it will be from a safe distance. Please adhere to this.
  • Only 2 office visitors permitted at any time.


  • In advance, please make sure all internal doors are open and lights switched on.
  • Your EazyMove representative will wear fresh PPE (gloves/mask).
  • On arrival, please open the door and step away 2m, this distance must be maintained throughout the appointment.
  • We can either discuss the property and marketing within the property from a safe distance or we can do a remote discussion by phone at a time convenient to yourself.


  • 2 people maximum.
  • Only possible where the owner allows and is able to responsibly socially distance, with confirmation that all parties are feeling well.
  • If occupied, owners must allow entry to the property and then preferably wait in the garden/go for a walk or where this is not possible, social distancing must be maintained.
  • Buyers/Tenants must remain in their vehicle or off the property grounds until the agent advises it is ok to proceed.
  • Buyers/Tenants and EazyMove representatives must wear clean gloves and refrain from touching anything. Where door handles and light switches need to be used, EazyMove or the Vendor will do so.
  • All buyers/tenants should wear a mask, as will your EazyMove representative. If the property is vacant and with nothing of value within the property at all, then the Agent may allow you to look around the property un-aided however we strictly request that viewers do not touch anything.