Why not become an investor in property ?

With interest rates so low at the moment, there has never been a better time to invest in property to see returns potentially as high as 10% per year on your investment.

The traditional downsides of property investment are :-

  • Searching for the property/properties
  • Cost of legal fees
  • Ongoing tenant management
  • Property repairs management

At EazyMove, we do all of this hard work for you with our “Priority Buyer” and “Property Management” services.

As one of our “Priority Buyers”, you will have access to :-

  • over 60+ years of property market experience
  • our advice on what makes a good rental property
  • early purchase of properties before they are marketed online
  • 20% discount on your legal bill (using our in-house legal team)
  • 10% discount on your management bill (if managed by our lettings team)
  • Our team of contractors to competitively price any initial refurbishments required

Once you purchase a property, the hassle of ongoing property management is greatly reduced with our “Property Management” service.

We do the donkey work of :-

  • Finding a suitable tenant
  • Vetting of tenants with all industry-standard checks
  • Getting free estimates for any on-going work required
  • Arranging the annual gas safety inspections.


With our “Priority Buyer” and “Property Management” services, you invest your money in the right property, we send you the rent monthly and we relieve you have the hassles of property management.

It’s as Eazy as that !

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