A whole new approach - With over thirty years experience in the property market



EazyMove have agents working with them with over 50 years experience in both private and large corporate organisations. Here's what one of our team members said:

With a large Estate Agents, I was bound by their fee structures and targets,with EazyMove I feel I can give a better service to clients and more importantly save the client a lot of money! With EazyMove we have a totally different approach where we try to decrease their costs rather than increase them


EazyMove started its company journey in 2010 on the back of Home Information Packs.

We offered the packs directly to the public at half the cost agents were charging and as a result we found almost all of our clients seemed to have the attitude that “It doesn’t matter who we use they are all the same”. We believed that the market was crying out for fair pricing not “well they all want a % of our house”. That is why in 2010 EazyMove Estate Agents came into being as Tees Surveyors Limited; we were the Original Fixed Fee Agent!

Our business grew and we have expanded, leading to other businesses copying and following what we were doing.

Why have we changed to be the Flexible Agent? Partially due to the increased costs of the property portals, but mainly to deliver the service and pricing that the market is crying out for. We are different because our estate agency was started by us for our clients. We do not hide behind a National Company Brand with a Franchise relying on a massive advertising budget, we do not have to “refer to head office”, we ARE head office, we make the decisions and nothing is set in stone - We are flexible !

How many people know that they could move from one agent to another but are still with the same Company?! We believe that the Market is crying out for a much more personal approach where all clients receive the same standard of service and commitment from their Estate Agent.

For example, the practice of charging a % of your property has been used for the last 50 years - WHY !?  With the advent of the internet most, if not all, retail and service industries have had to move with the times and reassess their pricing and service structures.

Moving is a busy and stressful time without the added pressure of not being sure exactly how much your costs are going to be. If it’s fixed from the start, there are no surprises.

At EazyMove we aim to remove that doubt so that you will know exactly what charges you are going to incur, thus giving you more certainty when considering offers.

With the internet age the majority (over 95%) of people begin their search for a property online and as such this is exactly where you want your property advertised and, in its best possible light.

With bespoke descriptions and high definition photography, that is what we do for our clients. We back this up with our personal service and knowledge of the property market wherever your property is.

Remember it is our job to negotiate your sale, and we will do this in a very professional but determined manner to achieve the highest price possible.

When you achieve your sale we then guide you through to completion and can advise you with any and all questions you may have. At Teessurveyors Estate Agents we are all family and you can be assured we CARE about your sale.

At EazyMove we want to be innovative about service and pricing, not to increase our revenues by offering Platinum, Gold or Bronze options, or ENHANCED marketing packages, so it costs the client more, without increasing their chances of a sale.
So why use EazyMove rather than an online agent?

EazyMove do not take money up front, we have over 30 years’ experience in the property industry, you will always deal with a member of our team's whose approach is personal and knowledgeable : You are not ringing a call center and you will ALWAYS be able to call the team member who visited your property the first time. At EazyMove we aim to “be in the middle”. What this means is we are not an internet agent, nor are we a “Traditional High Street Agent” we offer internet pricing combined with personal and direct service to our clients.

Also we offer all of the services needed to market your property in house.. Everything is done in one visit with one fee, with no extra charges having to pay third parties!

Plain and simple EazyMove have the model for the future.

We are always looking to expand and would welcome people who may be working in a corporate environment or any other who would welcome the opportunity to work for themselves in a family environment?